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“A band is coming to the Pearl's Jazz, TX on Thursday night and the band members may not be what you'd expect for their style of music. They're called the Dirty River Dixie Band [...] Most bands that have this kind of retro focus tend to be older. Not so with Dirty River.” - Nathan Cone, TPR

“The traditional jazz torch is in good hands, thanks to the members of the San Antonio-based Dirty River Dixie Band” - Nathan Cone, TPR

“While watching the Dirty River Dixie Band in our studios this summer, my colleagues at TPR and I were overjoyed at the youthful exuberance and energy of the group.” - Nathan Cone, TPR


The Rivard Report

“We stay as traditional as possible, but put our little spin on it, stretch it a little bit,”” Alvarado said. And when they stretch out, you stretch out (your arms) and wave ‘em in the air as your dancing shoes hit the floor.”

- Adam Tutor, The Rivard Report


Texas Lutheran University

“Like several of his band mates, Alvarado is a TLU alumnus. Inspired by their mentor and famed San Antonio musician Jim Cullum of the Jim Cullum Jazz Band[...]”